From our designer, Laurie: "I cannot even tell you how many brides express the desire to loose weight before their wedding, often asking how long they can wait before sending in their measurements. After I lost weight myself on Xyngular and realized how easy it is and how great I felt and still feel, I knew I wanted to offer it to brides."

What makes Xyngular different is that the unique blend of natural ingredients works with your own body's amino acids and serotonin levels so there isn't the severe sugar crash, leaving a person cranky and low energy, or the usual irritable extreme hunger pangs. The program works to balance blood sugars and re-set the weight a body naturally goes back to. Because it combines using the supplements with eating real food, it's easy to stay on it long term. Weight comes off quite quickly at first, during the 8 day detox, then more gradually after that until you reach your ideal weight. Its so easy.

More from our designer, Laurie: "Like most people, I had tried other diets which worked but none I could stay with long term. With xyngular, not only do I enjoy the products and feel good on them, it seems my entire relationship with food has changed. To where, over the holidays, I ate what I wanted, including cookies, drinks, potatoes, all the trimmings, but found I was completely satisfied with less of these things and had my fill and forgot about them. There were no cravings. Not once did I have to say to myself "oh, I shouldn't eat that" I simply lost interest in sweets after I had one or two. My weight did go up 2 pounds over the 5 weeks from Thanksgiving through New Years, but went back to my new "set point" of 145 lbs after one day following the plan again."

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